Product Lines

Streamlined, High-Volume Fulfillment.

Our vast product knowledge is second to none. We source a vast array of food service disposables, jan-san and packaging options for a variety of industries, each with unique and specific needs. Trust Tiger to provide customized options and service for streamlined, high-volume fulfillment.

Food Service Disposables

We are rooted in the food service industry. With decades of experience, we know first-hand the specialized needs of restaurants and food service professionals. Our dedicated team of experts deliver an unmatched level of hands-on service to bring you superior food packaging supplies from trusted global sources at the best value.

Hinged Containers
Paper Cups
Wooden Cutlery

Interfolded Napkins

Aluminum Containers

Paper Plates (Coated/Uncoated)

Paper Bags

Paper Straws

PET Plastic Cups with PET Lids/Dome Lids

Hot Cups with Sip Lids

Plastic Cutlery

4-Cup Carrier

Portion Cups with Lids

Ice Cream Cups (with Dome Lids)

Bamboo Cutlery and Kits

Paper Soup Cups (with Lids)

Plastic Soup Containers with Lids

School Lunch Trays

PLA Plastic Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery

Poly Bags

Hinged Containers
Portion Cups with Lids

Paper Folding Carton

Microwavable hinged containers

Aluminum Containers

Pizza Boxes

Paper Handle Bags

Paper Twisted Handle Bags

PLA Plastic Straws

PP Deli Containers

Paper Food Trays
Paper Cups
Wooden Cutlery
Paper Napkins

Aluminum roll Foil

PET Plastic Cups with Lids

Wrapped Cutlery Kits

Your take-out food should arrive just how you like it. TigerTrue’s fully recyclable polypropylene Microwave Containers are perfect for your take-out food. They provide protection from messes and spills, and their flat top and bottom ensure easy stacking in to-go bags.


Absorbent Pads
Aluminum Foil
Bakery Products
Bun Rack Covers
Can Liners
Chefs Hats
Cups & Lids (Hot and Cold)
Cups: Paper Hot and Cold and Lids
Disposable Garments
Foam Cups
Foam Products

Foam Trays
Food Containers & Lids
Food Film
Food Preparation
Food Storage
Food Wrap
Gloves – Vinyl, Synthetic, Latex and Nitrile
Handle Bags – All Materials
Insulated Product
Kraft Paper Bags
Moist Towelettes
Paper Food Trays
Paper Grocery Bags

Paper Products
Paper Towel and Tissue
Pizza Boxes
Placemats Coaster and Doilies
Plastic Bags
Plastic Cups and Lids
Plastic Cutlery & Cutlery Kits
Pre-Moistened Wipes
Printed Bags – All Materials
Restroom Products
Soufflé Cups
And more…


From garbage bags to mops and cleansers, our team will select the best product options and develop customized service platforms to meet your needs. Our clients, including restaurants, hospitals, hotels and other facilities, trust us to improve inventory turns and service levels. Our goal is to always positively impact the bottom line.

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Vinyl Gloves

Hard wound Roll Towels

Antibacterial Soaps
Can Liners
Custodial Tools
Feminine Hygiene Products

Gloves – All Types
Moving Blankets
Mops and Brooms
Paper Towel and Tissue

Restroom Products
Sanitizer Cartridges
Toilet Seat Covers
Urinal Block and Screens



Today, companies of all sizes are making a concerted effort to reduce their impact on the environment. Our TigerGreen eco-friendly products are not only good for the planet, they’re good for business. We are passionate about sustainability and experts in sourcing the latest and best eco-friendly products to help you build reputable eco brand value. We personally test our sustainable products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Learn more about our eco-friendly, compostable, bio-degradable and bio-assimilation options.


One of our favorite TigerGreen products is our Paper Straw. Eco-friendly, reliable and functional, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a cold beverage, and it remains sturdy in liquid for 4 to 6 hours – no dissolving!


Not only are these trays kid-approved, but teachers, administrators and parents alike will love that they’re made from high-quality and biodegradable, compostable sugarcane – bagasse products.


At least you’ll feel less guilty sipping on a sweet treat when you use our eco-conscious PLA straws!

Hinged Containers
Paper Cups
Wooden Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery
Paper Plates (Coated)

Paper Plates
Paper Grocery Bags (Twisted Handle)

Non-Woven Bags

Hinged Containers
Portion Cups with Lids

Wooden Cutlery

Compostable products
Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Trays and Containers
Cups and Lids
Molded Fiber Trays and Containers

Paper Bags
Paper Straws
Plastic Bags
PLA Bags, Cups, Straws, Containers
Recycled Paper and Plastics

Custom Packaging

We leverage our extensive relationships with our manufacturing partners, along with our years of industry knowledge, to source and deliver the highest quality products. We start by asking the right questions. By understanding our client’s unique needs, we can advise on, locate, fulfill and provide tailored solutions for the best products.

We offer more than 100 customizable product lines, helping you differentiate from your competition. From pallet dust covers and processed meat products, to fresh baked goods, bottled water and frozen delights, we offer a unique opportunity to combine commodity and specialty materials.


Agriculture Film
Asbestos Containment Bags
ASFM 100 Approved Postal Bags and Films
Auto Insert Bags and Film
Biodegradable Bags
Bonding Film
Boot Film
Bubble Wrap
Bun Bags and covers
Bundling Films
Can Liners
Clear Pak
Coextruded Bags and Film (Up to 7 layers)
Compactor Bags and Tubing
Compression Film
Construction Film
Coreless Roll Can Liners
Cutting Film

Draw Tape Bags
Dual Roll Shrink Systems
Environmental Products
FDA Box and Combo Liners
FDA Form Fill and Seal Films
Flip Top Bags
Film Over Film
Food Processor Bags and Film
Form Fill and Seal
Furniture Covers
HD Can Liners
Hand Wrap
High Speed Continuous Films
Industrial Bags
Infectious Waste Bags
LLDPE Can Liners
Lumber Covers
Mailer Envelope Film
Marine & Mobile Home Films

Masonry Covers
Mattress Bags and Film
Moving Blankets
Multi Pak Shrink Film
Non-Shrink Applications
Pallet Covers and Sheets
Pallet Wrap
Parts Bags
Pass Through Stretch
Poly Bin Covers and Caps
Printed Bags and Films
PVC Food Film
Rail Bags
Recycling Bags and Tubing
Repro Can Liners
Retail Bags
Sandwich Bags
Security Envelope Bags and Film

Separator Sheets
Shrink Film and Bags
Shrink Pallet Covers
Shrinkable Wrapping Films
Single Roll Shrink Applications
Slip and Top Sheets
Star Seal Can Liners
Stretch Film
Top and Bottom Shrink Sheets
Top Sheets
Trailer Liners
Trash Bags
T-Shirt Bags
Vertical Curtain Films
Waste Bags and Tubing
Waste Can Liners
Wrapping Film
Zip Lock Bags

Safety Products


Tiger Packaging is working steadily to keep our customers supplied with critical safety items. Now, more than ever before, there is a dire need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Learn more about our Safety Products and how we can help you, your customers and staff remain safe and healthy.

Hand Sanitizer

A moisturizing, FDA-approved hand sanitizer with 70% ethyl alcohol made from sugar cane.

Sanitizing Wipes

Gentle, FDA-approved sanitizing wipes that create a germ-free environment in one easy step.

KN95 Respirator Mask

CE approved KN95 respirators filter airborne particles

Surgical Masks

Made to provide comfort and breathability

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Non Sterile, Powder Free, Latex Free and Textured. Available in S, M, L, XL.

Surgical Bouffant Caps

Comfortable lightweight multi-ply polypropylene M, L, XL

Vinly Gloves

Powder-Free multipurpose vinyl gloves – S,M,L,XL

Disposable Shoe Covers

Complete coverage from potentially harmful fluids and contaminants!

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Reusable Surgical Gowns

Exceptional barrier fabric while maintaining breathability and comfort – L,XL

Surgical Gown

Disposable Single Ply, L,XL

Vinyl Gloves

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves