I Asked, ChatGPT Answered: There should be an “AI” in Team.

I Asked, ChatGPT Answered: There should be an “AI” in Team.

By Peter Horwitz, Founder and CEO, Tiger Packaging

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new – it’s already woven into our modern day-to-day lives, from “the driver-assisted features of our cars…virtual scheduling assistants we use, and…all of our digital shopping experiences” (source: Forbes) – yet it’s recently made its way to the forefront of global conversations with the emergence of ChatGPT, Apple Vision Pro, A.I. art generators and humanoid robots.

While many are fascinated and excited by AI’s growing potential, others are resistant to embrace these advancements as concerns grow around AI’s societal risks – namely, replacing human intelligence and reducing the need for human work.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always been inspired by innovation and productivity…but I also believe human intuition is irreplaceable. In my opinion, AI is helpful, but not human. I see and value its opportunity to support and supplement our input, rather than take our place.

I’ve been in the packaging, logistics and supply chain industry for decades – I know first-hand that, when utilized thoughtfully and in moderation, AI and programs like ChatGPT can work to our benefit, helping to maximize business efficiency and, in turn, save us the most precious resource of all: time.

At Tiger Packaging, we utilize Odoo, an Open-Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which helps organizations quickly automate manual tasks. I appreciate this system as it allows our team to tap the resources of hundreds of thousands of users to enhance the software, enabling us to see the benefits of AI as an introduction into the system. Although we are not yet using the AI to its maximum capacity, we know that it will soon play a major role in how we use Odoo and how it operates.

An excerpt from the aforementioned Forbes column resonated with me. It highlights the most important question any business should ask before using AI. “We need to start with why we will use it. In which business opportunities will we drive meaningful impact? How will we move faster, become more efficient, automate or solve a real challenge our organization faces? We have to start with why because data is the foundation for creating meaningful AI insights.”

Our team understood the value of ChatGPT before we started using it. At Tiger Packaging, we work with a great deal of technical data and ChatGPT has enabled us to decipher, organize, and share this data in various forms. The AI tool has allowed us to minimize a time-consuming task and reallocate our efforts to more timely, important projects.

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk recently created a new company dedicated to artificial intelligence called X.AI – and yet, not so long ago, he paid a rare compliment to his own species, calling humans “underrated.”

What brought about this somewhat underwhelming accolade? Musk directed Tesla to adopt advanced automation as the assembly line for Tesla’s Model 3 electric car. However, when Tesla fell behind in making the cars, Musk accepted responsibility, writing in a Tweet, “excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake…to be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated.” And there you have it, straight from the billionaire tech mogul himself.

From personalization and transparency to accountability and sustainability, AI will continue to play a key role in business and the packaging industry – but not without human input.

We’re seeing A.I.’s impact everywhere and will undoubtedly continue to feel and be moved by its influence. Rather than view this technology as something to be fearful of, we should learn everything we can about it and embrace the ways in which it can help us exceed our business goals. A.I. should supplement, not replace, human intelligence, while humans should evolve alongside A.I. It’s high time we expand our own intelligence and open ourselves to the possibilities that lie ahead.