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We’re not just in the packaging business, we’re in the experience business. Our management team has vast expertise in the food service industry, so we know first-hand the procurement needs in every restaurant category and for every business.

Our decades of knowledge, along with our internal systems and software, enable us to provide industry-leading logistics across our worldwide footprint, saving you time and money. At Tiger, we take pride in getting to know our clients to provide an unparalleled level of personal service.


Founder & CEO Peter Horwitz

…believes running a restaurant is one of the most complex, stressful jobs one can have. He should know. Peter owned and managed several restaurants and has spent more than three decades in the industry.

Peter founded Tiger Packaging in 2013 to provide disposables to large-scale quick-serve and fast-casual restaurant chains. Since then, the business has expanded to such industries as industrial packaging, hospitality and entertainment, as well as additional products such as jan-san.


Peter’s passion continues to be the restaurant industry. While most diners focus on food quality or services, Peter concentrates on streamlining the back-of-house.

“Each time I visit a restaurant, a lightbulb goes off in my head. I’m always thinking, how can I package items to provide the restaurant managers with more space? And make their day just a bit easier.”

Peter Horwitz


At Tiger Packaging, our mission is to cultivate a culture of positive integrity and build lasting relationships grounded in trust. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and quality while promoting eco-friendly products. Furthermore, we are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the finest employees who embody our values and contribute to our collective success.

Our Values

Our clients have needs that go beyond a physical commodity. They want to feel appreciated, respected and valued. At Tiger, we believe in time-honored levels of service – good manners, responsiveness, integrity, and trust. Humanity, humor and kindness shouldn’t be characteristics from a different era. We share a pride in delivering exceptional customer service that inspires us to be our very best. Each and every day.

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