In just a few years Tiger Packaging has grown into a major provider of paper & packaging products, food service disposables and jan-san items, manufactured by our proven foreign and domestic partner manufacturers.  We work with our clients to facilitate purchasing – either domestically or by import – at the most efficient cost points. We help make your processes more efficient, faster and more cost-effective.

In addition we sell a wide range of domestic manufactured packaging products, polyethylene bags and films, stretch wrap and bubble wrap and also provide specialized consultative packaging services.

What We Do

Tiger Packaging is a leading provider of packaging supplies and packaging solutions with specific expertise in disposables, polyethylene bags and films for OEM food packaging and many other specialty products.   We provide a vast array of products and years of experience suited to fit the packaging needs of any organization requiring value solutions to rising costs.

We at Tiger Packaging provide quality domestic and import options to foodservice, jan-san, commercial and retail distributors, wholesalers and O.E.M.’s.  With a keen focus on Supply Chain Management, we source and deliver quality products, advantageous costing and excellent service.   With over 100 product lines we provide our customers with a distinctive competitive edge.

Our objective with imported products is to manage the supply chain and insure a smooth flow of goods while creating a procurement experience much the same as buying domestic… risk, consistent quality and controlled lead-times.

We develop customized service platforms based on our client’s individual goals of reducing costs, improving inventory turns and service levels. We may deliver either direct ocean containers to your destination, mixed products from our Asian mixing centers or Truckloads-LTL from our North American manufacturers and warehouses.

Consultative Services

Packaging supplies and automated systems are a major expense for any company.  Capturing the most streamlined and cost-effective packaging processes for your business is our specialty. We help make your processes faster and more efficient.

We have over 30 years of expertise in providing management consulting and due diligence services in sales assessment and optimization; manufacturing cost efficiency review and improvement;   personnel evaluation and enhancement.