Tiger Packaging

Tiger Packaging is a sourcing company for food service disposables, paper, Jan-San items and packaging products. We work globally with proven and trusted foreign and domestic manufacturers. Due to our long term relationships and bulk buying power, we help companies acquire packaging products at highly efficient cost points.

Tiger Packaging offers turnkey service, from consulting to sourcing to logistics and follow up customer support. We save clients’ money and time due to our cost-effective and efficient purchasing processes.

Leverage Tiger Packaging to save on your packaging costs. We will handle the logistics so you can get back to running your business!

Custom Packaging


Paper Products

Jan-San Supplies

In just a few years Tiger Packaging has grown into a major provider of paper & packaging products, food service disposables and jan-san items, manufactured by our proven foreign and domestic partner manufacturers.  We work with our clients to facilitate purchasing – either domestically or by import – at the most efficient cost points. We help make your processes more efficient, faster and more cost-effective.

In addition we sell a wide range of domestic manufactured packaging products, polyethylene bags and films, stretch wrap and bubble wrap and also provide specialized consultative packaging services.